A brief history of Hatstack

The normal lessons at FHICT could not quench the thirst for knowledge of a few students at FHICT.
So these students made a group for quenching this exact thirst.
Although the exact date of origin is not known, the idea of a hacker/CTF/+security group was born somewhere in 2015.
One of the founders of this group, bef0re, discussed this idea with a teacher at Fontys.
From then on this idea grew into something beautiful called Hatstack
This new group was founded by Bef0re, Nemoriety, Luc, Burningnetel and Xesxen.
Hatstack is build on a few core values that the original founders agreed upon:

  • Sharing of knowledge between teachers, students and anyone who wants to speak at Hatstack.
  • Ethical hacking and promoting security.
  • Treating every member of Hatstack equal.
  • Occasionally making lame jokes about IT and IT-security.

As with all people that never see daylight there needed to be a method of communication.
Of course this resulted in the creation of a IRC channel.
The IRC channel was created in 2015 by bef0re, the first real sign to the world that Hatstack existed.
Out of old logs that may rest on dusty servers in a dark room we found the exact time and date: "Channel #hatstack created on 2015-09-18 14:28:09 UTC"

Since this short span in modern history Hatstack is open for everyone who wants to learn something about IT-security, share his or her knowledge or just hang out with fellow students.